Bell Aliant Backpacks for Kids 2015

Since 2003, Bell Aliant employees and the Bell Aliant Pioneers have been working together to purchase, fill, and distribute backpacks full of school supplies for elementary school-aged children in need across Atlantic Canada.

Educators tell us that when students have what they need to start school in the fall, they walk into the classroom more confident and ready to learn.

To date, our backpacks have reached more than 61,000 children in the communities served by Bell Aliant with a total contribution of more than $3 million dollars.

Bell Aliant, our employees and the Bell Aliant Pioneers want to help even more kids in our communities. And you can help us by filling one or more of the backpacks we buy with essential school supplies. 100% of your contribution goes towards those supplies.

Bell Aliant is committed to making a difference in the communities we serve.

Fill a Backpack today.
“I am very grateful for these backpacks as I do not have money left to buy them the stuff I should for them. The timing was perfect.” – From a single mother of two

Bell Aliant 2016 Backpacks for Kids - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Backpack for Kids?

This is the 14th year for Backpacks for Kids, an annual program aimed at helping elementary school-aged children in need by providing them with a backpack filled with school supplies. Bell Aliant employees and Pioneer Volunteers fill backpacks and distribute them to schools and community organizations. Customers and the general public can make donations online or through an employee or retiree.

Why did Bell Aliant get involved in this program?

Bell Aliant first partnered with the Bell Aliant Pioneer Volunteers for Backpack for Kids in response to studies that indicated that an investment in early childhood development and education is a key area of focus to break the poverty cycle.

How does Bell Aliant support the program?

In addition to the hundreds of volunteer hours by Bell Aliant employees and retirees to coordinate the program and fill and distribute the backpacks, Bell Aliant purchases all of the backpacks.

What impact has the campaign had on communities?

In the last 13 years, Bell Aliant employees and Pioneer volunteers have filled and delivered more than 61,000 backpacks to children in need.

Who receives the backpacks?

Backpacks are distributed to elementary school-aged children through food banks, schools and community organizations who have contacted us directly. Distribution is based on the greatest need.

Who decides which organizations or schools receive backpacks?

Food banks, schools and community-based organizations place requests directly with Bell Aliant. Backpacks are distributed according to the requests received and where the need is deemed the greatest.

How can I get involved?

Anyone can make an online contribution at

How much does it cost to fill a backpack?

Bell Aliant provides the backpacks and a contribution of $27 will fill one backpack with the supplies required for an elementary student.

How is my donation/contribution used?

One hundred percent of your contribution goes toward the purchase of school supplies to fill more backpacks. Total approximate value of supplies and a backpack is $50.

I have children in need and would like to receive backpacks filled with school supplies. How can I get added to the list?

You should contact your local food bank, school or community-based organization in your area to see if they participate in the program and have your name added to their list of recipients.

Is it possible to ensure my backpack donation helps a child in my area?

Backpacks are distributed according to the need identified in the requests received from outside organizations. Backpacks often do remain in the local community, however we can’t guarantee where they will be distributed.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation/contribution?

The program is coordinated through the Bell Aliant Pioneers. The Bell Aliant Pioneers is a registered non-profit organization and not a registered charity and for this reason unable to issue a tax receipt. One hundred percent of your contribution is used to purchase school supplies to fill backpacks. Bell Aliant covers all program administration costs to support the program, including the cost to purchase the backpacks.

Privacy Policy

Bell Aliant is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Any information you provide will only be used to process your contribution to the Backpacks for Kids program, and to contact you about that program. Bell Aliant uses suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. It will not be used for any other purpose, including marketing purposes, and it will not be shared with any other parties.


Bell Aliant Backpacks for Kids 2016

Bell Aliant Backpacks for Kids
Start right and finish strong.

Remember that first-day-of-school feeling... when your new backpack was full of crisp notebooks, sharp pencils, bright markers...? Bell Aliant wants all kids to have that.

Since 2003, Bell Aliant employees, retirees, customers and partners have provided over 61,000 backpacks filled with school supplies for elementary school children in need.

The need continues to grow. And we need your help to make that happen. Filling a backpack only costs $27, and provides a child with all of the supplies they need to begin the year.

Together, we can give a child the right start to the school year.

Fill a backpack now!